Bachelor Thesis

Synchrotron emission from supernovas by charged particles in a non-uniform magnetic field

Master Thesis

Engineering Chimera and Novel Technique Based on Machine Learning

Other Small Projects

Schelling's Agent based modelling, ML model for crop detection using satellite images, ML model for credit card fraud detection

Current Projects

Discovering the mesoscale for chains of conflict & Understanding population waves in sessile organisms


Google Scholar↗
1) Kushwaha, N. , & Lee, E. D. (2022). Discovering the mesoscale for chains of conflict. arXiv preprint.

2) Kushwaha, N., Mendola, N. K., Ghosh, S., Kachhvah, A. D., & Jalan, S. (2021). Machine learning assisted chimera and solitary states in networks. Frontiers in Physics, 147.